Seeds of plants for bees and other beneficials insects
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a bit on me...
My name is Cristiano, and  i am a Italian greath fan of Botany and Beekeeping.
After working in the field of film screenings as technical projectionist,
I started to get interested in the world of the bees directly, when i was holding a small book
of an old Italian beekeeper.

(me and my son)
Which described in this booklet, a most 'natural approach,and more disinterested in conducting the apiary,
being very careful not to interfere too much with the natural rhythm of life of bees and hives.
At the same time i also started to breed two small hives using more 'possible natural methods
and devoted myself very passive observation of the bees and all their marvels.
More 'in the time i had to give up beekeeping project due to personal reasons
and the distance from' apiary and decided to deepen the understanding and study of plants
that attract bees and pollinating insects.

I discovered so 'that even a single flower can' be an interesting source of food for these small,
beneficial insects and began to grow on my small town terrace 'of the plants that gave flowers
throughout the span of time between the spring and 'Autumn.
I began to understand that my little garden on the terrace was already known to many of the insects
that alternated so 'decided to reproduce these plants and started exchange
and share some of their seeds with others who had the same passion.

Thus it was born this small site, the concept and 'to multiply those small flowered oasis
just waiting to be visited by these wonderful insects.

cristiano mistretta
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